Redwood Roots Family

Originating from the heart of the Emerald Triangle in Southern Humboldt County, Redwood Roots is a grassroots distribution company deeply rooted in the region’s agricultural heritage. RwR takes immense pride in representing over half of the licensed farms in the region, which, on a modest estimate, translates to over 4,000 years of collective farming wisdom (20 years of experience x 200 farms). This figure could easily be doubled, considering the multiple generations of farming families we represent.

The origins of these family farms trace back to the back-to-the-land movement, a period when individuals, yearning for a more natural way of living, left the urban grind to become homesteaders in the sprawling hills of Northern California. These pioneering settlers adopted a holistic approach to farming, nurturing a wide variety of crops, including some of the finest cannabis the world has ever known. Despite the adversity posed by the War on Drugs, our resilient farmers continued to innovate, developing cultivation techniques and strains that are harmonious with nature and offer genuine medicinal value.

With several decades to multiple generations – dedicated to growing the same cannabis strains on their familial lands, our farmers possess an unrivaled ability to elicit the full potential from the flowers they have cultivated and evolved with over time. This extensive experience results in the rare and unique cannabinoid and terpene profiles exclusive to our products, which remain unparalleled across the globe.

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